Sonja's Life and Times - Chronology

March 15, 1939 Germans march into Bohemia and Moravia

1940 Sonja and Renée are on a waiting list for Children’s Transports to safety, which is then cancelled.

Sept 1,1941 All Jews must wear Yellow Stars.

1941 Their relatives in the USA  buy and sends Cuban Visas. There is no money left for tickets.

Nov. 1, 1941 to 1942 All Czech towns are emptied of Jews. Most are sent to the Terezin (German name: Theresienstadt) Concentration Camp.

Aug. 3, 1942 Sonja, Renée, their Mother and Grandmother are deported to Terezin.

Sept. 28, 1943 Their Grandmother dies in Terezin of untreated breast cancer.

June 23, 1944 Germans schedule inspection of Terezin by International Red Cross Delegation.

April 1944 to May 1944 Beautification for the inspection includes eliminating overcrowding by deporting 7500 Jews to Auschwitz .

May 18, 1944 Sonja, Renée, and their Mother are killed in Auschwitz .


Of 15,000 children under age 14 who passed through Terezin, only 150 survived the war.