Her Gallery

Sonja Fischerova’s artwork has outlived her tragically short life. Selected works by Sonja appear in The Jewish Museum of Prague, several publications, and even an animated movie. This watercolor by Sonja, included in several books such as I Have Not Seen A Butterfly Around Here, also inspired this stained glass window by Ardyn Halter and Roman Halter at Yad Layeled Living Memorial to the Children of the Holocaust at the Ghetto Fighters’ Museum in Israel.

Sonja’s Legacy is an unusual collection of artwork and images from the Holocaust. The colorful paintings and skillful drawings were created by Sonja Fischerova, a young girl from Prague while imprisoned in the Terezin Concentration Camp from 1942-44. She and her mother and sister, and later her Bauhaus-schooled art teacher Friedl Dicker-Brandeis, were deported to Auschwitz and killed by the Nazis.