Surviving members of Sonja’s family who helped prepare this exhibit with the support of their family and friends:
Dr. Robert Fischl
Ellen Fischl Bodner and Dr. Daniel Fischl
Dr. Julianna K. Lerner
Dr. Shereen Lerner, Thomas Lerner, Esq., and David Lerner

Dr. Michaela Sidenberg, Curator, and Dr. Leo Pavlat, Director,
The Jewish Museum in Prague, Prague, CZ
With special gratitude for preservation and archiving of Sonja’s original artwork, for providing information for the surviving family’s ongoing research, and for the photograph of family names on the Memorial Wall of the Pinkas Synagogue, taken just before the Prague flood of 2002.

Terezin survivors:
Tomas Karas (nee Katz), former Executive Director of Kehilat Prague, Prague Old Jewish Quarter
Eva Adorjan, Kibbutz Ma’ayan Zvi, Israel

Art and educational content reviewers:
Ardyn Halter, artist – international Judaica and Holocaust works
Dr. Saul Balagura

Beit Terezin Museum and Archives, Theresienstadt Martyrs Remembrance Association, Kibbutz Givat Haim Ihud, Israel

The Holocaust Committee of the Jewish Federation of Greater Albuquerque

Holocaust Education Center of the Delaware Valley, Cherry Hill, NJ

Design: Studio Brand-Shuman, Beit Shearim, Israel
Project management and writing: Ellen Fischl Bodner and Dr. Julianna K. Lerner
Print of exhibit panels: Igoo Exhibitions, Kibbutz Yagur, Israel

For more information on Sonja’s Legacy: