Sonja Fischerova

Born in Prague 1931
Deported to Terezin 1942
Killed in Auschwitz 1944

Sonja’s Legacy Foundation (SLF)

The purpose of the Sonja’s Legacy Foundation (SLF) is to educate and teach about the Holocaust using the art of Sonja Fischerova, her life and the lives of her relatives. SLF is a not-for profit, IRS tax-exempt corporation.

The images in Sonja’s Legacy provide a unique way for children and adults to learn about the Holocaust and tolerance. The Sonja’s Legacy Foundation product/service is an educational multi-media presentation called Sonja’s Legacy (SL). This presentation presently includes copies of Sonja’s artwork created when she was imprisoned in the Terezin Concentration Camp, family photographs, educational exhibit panels, and verbal narration by the presenter, usually a surviving family member.

SLF and its work is unique because it involves an extended,
multi-generational family. The SL presentation shows the impact of the Holocaust on the whole family and also relates the bravery of individuals such as Friedl Dicker-Brandeis. It is special because it involves an extended family and connects several generations. Another unique aspect is that the artwork was discovered by chance. SL also involves the American experience of refuge survivors immigrating and starting a new life in the United States.

Please note: There are a few older publications on the Internet that erroneously indicate that Sonja survived the concentration camps. While we wish that were true, it is not. The German records from Auschwitz specify the date and time of her death.