Sonja Fischerova
Born in Prague 1931
Deported to Terezin 1942
Killed in Auschwitz 1944

What other places do you present your cousin's story?

I have spoken frequently to school students who come to the Holocaust Education Center (HEC) in Cherry Hill, NJ. I have also spoken at Middle Schools, High Schools in Burlington & Camden counties and such schools as the Camden Creative and Performing Arts High School that have contacted the HEC. I have also spoken in Synagogues in NJ, NY and even Albuquerque, New Mexico. How close were you and Sonja? We were very close, but all that ended in January 1940 when my family managed to escape, while hers stayed behind. Sonja and I were the same age
(born in 1931) - she was older by 2 months. (I am the youngest of 6 cousins.)

Before the war, I saw Sonja often, either when we visited our grand-parents during holidays who lived in Prague, or when she visited us in Klicany during school vacations. She liked to visit us, since we had all the latest toys, cats & dogs, a big garden with many trees to climb on. Even after we were ordered off our farm in the fall of 1939, Sonja and I spent a lot of time together since we moved in with our grandparents in Prague and she lived close by. We were lucky – our father managed to get a Visa for all of us to Palestine. This is after bad luck with the Visas to Australia, because all Exit Visas to counties of the British Empire were cancelled after the outbreak of the war with England in 1939. Our luck held out further when our father requested an Exit Visa at the Gestapo head-quarters. This was the last time I saw Sonja, her sister, Renee, my aunt, Mitzi, my grandma Anna, and grandpa Otto.1 ½ years after I saw her last, Sonja, her sister, mother and grandma were deported to Terezin.


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