Sonja Fischerova
Born in Prague 1931
Deported to Terezin 1942
Killed in Auschwitz 1944
Discovery & Sonja's Relatives

The existence of Sonja’s drawings and paintings were discovered by surviving family members in 2000.

It started in July 2000, when we toured a synagogue dedicated to artwork from the children of Terezin during our family's Root's trip. We were looking at the drawings, paintings, and collages by young children. My daughter noticed one drawing with bright yellow roof and other cheerful colors called "Cleaning the Dormitories" by Sonja Fischerova. We were completely overwhelmed and began to sob in front of the hordes of tourists. Yet we had found something tangible that is left from them when we thought there was nothing. Something for us, even to enjoy. As sad as it all is.


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